Surroundings & Activities
around Strandhotel Camperduin

What is nearby?

The area surrounding Strandhotel Camperduin offers a wide variety of activities. Thanks to its location, the hotel is an ideal base for varied cycling tours and long walks on the beach or through the dunes. Since 2014, a whole new piece of land has been added in Camperduin. A new piece of land with new dunes, a wide beach and a unique beach lagoon.

Walking and cycling routes

On our website you can plot your own walking and cycling routes. You can also use our walking and cycling app. with tailor-made routes around the Strandhotel.


Group activities

If you want to get a breath of fresh air between meetings, or as a nice addition to your company outing. We offer a complete program of activities in collaboration with the "The boys from Schoorl".


Museums and places of interest

The area around Camperduin also offers a solution for culture lovers. Ancient cities and special museums make it possible to rediscover history.

New beach

This is the new beach and the new dunes of Camperduin. Since the start of the spraying work on the beach on July 1, 2014, 30,000,000 cubic meters of sand have been deposited and more than 14 hectares of marram grass have been planted. The Netherlands has acquired 400 new football fields with this project. The lagoon is the only lake in the Netherlands on a beach. Great for swimming and paddling especially in spring and autumn and a unique place for beach activities.

The water in the lagoon goes with the tide. At high tide there can be a very strong current from the sea to the lagoon. When the tide is out, the old breakwaters sometimes surface again. The coastal defenses of North and South Holland are in order for the next 50 years. The North and South Holland coast is now able to withstand storms of the heaviest category, which occur once every 10,000 years on average. The widened beach and new dunes also offer plenty of opportunities for recreation and nature development. Part of the new beach between Camperduin and Petten is already in full use. Seals have discovered the beach to rest.

Calm, sturdy and tough

A place of everything and yet a place of nothing. Dike and dunes. Polders with beach by the sea. But despite this offer, there is little crowds on the coast here. Because borders more often create a no man's land than an attraction. Here in Camperduin people have lived for centuries and were born modest or otherwise become. Work hard to provide maintenance. No frills, no frills or false hopes. Sober is fine and actually quite pleasant. Where the wind and the salty water have free rein, little more grows than a sand dune. That sand scours along the poles and walls of the pavilions, along the bicycle sheds and makes everything increasingly gray. Anyone who wants to lean against the wind here must be firmly rooted. Few gifts are distributed here, so entrepreneurs should be able to take a beating. Just like the dike that still supervises the new dunes to be formed. But firmness also has its beauty. It has character and radiates confidence.

After a day of hard work it is wonderful to rest. With the stars firmly in the sky. For decades, managers from all over the Netherlands were expected to develop their leadership and think out-of-the-box in a cabin on the heath. In recent years, a serious alternative has been offered to that chatter in Camperduin. Don't talk, just act. Preferably together. Brave the surf in a kayak, with your GPS into the dunes. Find it out. Team building for big boys (and girls). And to practice, the little ones can do that with their school class. The new beach creates a new environment and, just like the customers, the entrepreneurs themselves have to take on the adventure again. Because no one can predict how the coast will behave exactly.