About us
Strandhotel Camperduin

A special piece of the Netherlands

Strandhotel Camperduin is 30 years old this year. Jos and Marleen Jansen started on March 1, 1985 in the former pension Golfzang. Newly built in 1993 and 1996, the hotel has grown to its current size. It goes without saying that investments have been made and modernized again and again and the Strandhotel is still a contemporary hotel.

Sustainable business

Within Strandhotel Camperduin we strive for a sustainable purchasing policy that also stimulates the market towards a more innovation-oriented and sustainable approach to purchasing. We do this by making a conscious choice with every purchase and considering the possibility of fair trade, organic certified and / or regional products, etc.

New beach

Since 2014, a whole new piece of land has been added in Camperduin. A new piece of land with new dunes, a wide beach and a unique beach lagoon. A truly special part of the Netherlands has been added. We have developed a walk especially for the new beach with more information about the area.

Identity Camperduin

A place of everything and yet a place of nothing. Dike and dunes. Polders with beach by the sea. But despite this offer, there is little crowds on the coast here. Because borders more often create a no man's land than an attraction. Here in Camperduin people have lived for centuries and were born modest or otherwise become.

A popular place for more than 35 years

Strandhotel Camperduin is a place where you as a guest and person are welcomed by employees who have contributed for many years to make our hotel a popular place. A place where it feels like coming home and you are welcome to enjoy all that the beautiful surroundings have to offer.

Dining with sea view in the Struin

In high season we offer you a varied 3-course menu in the pavilion every day. A menu that is tailored to the seasonal range of products, the weather, the inspiration of the chef and of course to you. In addition to the 3-course menu, you can also eat a la Carte in the pavilion.

What our guests say

We slept so well that we overslept (3 hours!) and we were still allowed to have breakfast. Super friendly and we'll be back!

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